New market from Nokia ?

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Dear Developer,

Today, Nokia announced a new family of affordable smartphones on the
Nokia X software platform. Based on the Android Open Source Platform
(AOSP), Nokia X will provide expanded consumer reach and monetization
opportunities for your apps.

As per our agreement with you, we have granted distribution rights to
Nokia for your free apps. In preparation for the Nokia X product and
platform announcement, Nokia has tested your app and has published it onto Nokia Store.

To start the process of claiming your app, Nokia will need to be in
direct contact with you and you must provide consent. We believe it will
benefit you, your app and Nokia to connect directly.


  • Yes I got the same notice from opera AppStore today.
  • You have to pay 1 euro  to register to nokia developer. I have already submitted one of my apps. The Nokia x found it compatible if you check the android option. The review process lasts 3-4 business days as they respond.

    You do realize that this has to be a new winner since we are talking about millions of devices worldwide. We will see how to goes.
  • @diasapps

    They haven't contact me yet. Can I contact them instead?

  • @f1_fan  you can register here : . You can also test your apps if they are ok for Nokia. Remember the 1 euro payment.
  • hmm, can't test any app, it says Error, try again....
  • I also saw the 1 euro cost, but somehow I clicked around and reached into making a publisher account without paying it hahahaha. I don't know why or how. The website page of the dashboard is
    Seems same as the developer page. One of my apps is already published there, the latest one actually though no downloads yet.
    I replied to Opera saying I accept to be contacted by Nokia, but have received nothing from Nokia yet.
    Before even noticing the Opera e-mail, I had contacted Nokia saying that I am getting an error when uploading because it says the package name already exists. I guess Opera submitted my older apps there already and now it's an issue of taking the ownership over them.
  • signed up, paid €1 heheh and uploaded one app. We will see :)

  • Keep us please updated. :) I haven't registered yet, but plan to.
  • No problem, the message is: It will appear in Nokia Store usually within 5-7 business days after it was submitted to QA, if it passes QA review.
  • An interesting article on about how it is more likely that MS will ditch their Windows phone 8 for Android.  Basically, WinPhone8 isn't making money and MS already makes a shed load of cash through Android patents etc and the fact that if they can get their services Office365, Outlook, Skype etc on more android devices they will be a serious threat to similar Google services.  It's a good read and makes a lot of sense...  Basically, more than 80% of all smart phones and nearly half of all feature phones are Android and Google has already done the hard work of making Android THE best OS.  I think if it is true then Android is going to be even bigger than it was gonna ever be which is huge.  Here's to even better times ahead for indie android devs  :)

  • nice one tamworthheat
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