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Hi all, looking for Formula 1 enthusiast who would like to write article or blog about F1. please contact me in this thread.




  • Hey, f1_fan. My cousin is a F1 maniac, but he doesn't speak English. :( I too love to watch F1, tho. Did you watch the movie "Rush" (Niki Lauda vs. James Hunt)? I loved it.
  • I am involved in the engineering side of F1 (we have many F1 customers) working with the processing of integral engine parts for certain German and English F1 teams (and many more) although I would know more about the technical / materials side of things (which isn't exactly what the usual F1 fan wants to read about I'm sure, and also I would be restricted with what I could say because of confidentiality agreements) but it is certainly something I would like to read.  I could possibly add some good points but don't know enough about the actual sport to write a full article from a Fan perspective.  Sounds Really interesting though!  :)
  • @Hendrix I am going to see movie, I know the story upside down, but haven't seen movie. He if he wants to do it and you would like to translate we can do it that way  :)

    @Tamworthheat I thing it maybe interesting, for instance i loved to read about process of making Pirellis tyres for 2013 and it was it tech detail. If you want to give a try, I would say it could be interesting. Let me know

  • @f1_fan: Thanks for the offer, but my English isn't good enough for writing a serious blog. :) Enjoy the movie, it's great!
  • @tamworthheat: Sounds like a dream job! If you'll be expanding any time soon, let me know! :)
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    I have been speaking to my bosses about which things i could possibly talk about but they say it's very difficult.  Some / most of the things we know about are not for the public, i would want to talk about some of the polymer based materials beings used in engines which bring advantages of weight reduction / strength increase and faster speeds and some of the new stuff for the KERS system for the 2014 season but they say we could get in trouble  :(  So I will have to decline.  All I can say is watch out Vettell because some teams (may be English teams? hmmm ;) ) have advanced their use of these new technologies so far that it will be much tighter between drivers and constructers than ever before!  Thank You @f1_fan for asking in the Andromo Forums though and giving us this chance - hope you find your way to a great article!  @hendrixs yes of course!  :)
  • Ok , thanks both of you :) BTW I hope it will be much more interesting this season :)
  • @tamworthheat: Just let me know and I'll be packing my luggage to England on the same day. =) I was in London two years ago and I can imagine living on that nice island of yours.
  • Guys if you have a friends who would like to participate, please let me know. Unfortunately I can not offer any payment but as you will find out there are perks to being a blogger/writer especially if you would like to start you career.  
  • If you want to try yourself in writing, you can offer the option of a part-time, one news blog pays for something that you will find some news and write them in your own words, how to get started, I think it's not bad.

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