Upload your HTML 5 game online for free and then play it on computer, android and iphone

Ok now you can make HTML5 game with full support of HTML5 features. I just found a free service and put my game online to test it out and it works on computer , android , and iphone !! So now with android you don't need to use the HTML activity just the website activity.
Try my game out here on any device you have


I dont have sounds yet but I will in the future which has gotten brighter!!


  • Ok guys I uploaded 2 more online the super mario pop quiz 2 in 1  and flappybird smash online.

    Super Mario bros pop quiz online  http://pixelpower.itch.io/super-mario-bros-pop-quiz

    Flappybird Smash online    http://pixelpower.itch.io/flappybird-smash-online

    You can include them into your app by selecting website activity and putting in the link here. I tried it out on android and iphone it works well.
  • Hi.I see you are an expert on this area so can you please give me some instructions about this? I have my game uploaded on itch.io but and I used website activity but the game don't show up on android (both emulator and device).I can see only the game description.

  • I tried it on android device just turn it sideways or landscape and the game will show.
  • Here is another game based on zelda its online so you can play it on computer and android


  • pixelpower how did you enable the code into a .zip archive. Because I need to know because im creating an app with webchat but I need to know how to copy the code into a .zip archive.
  • Ok after you have coded your app into a  .html file , you right click the file on your pc and options will show up. Select the option send to , then select zip archive. The computer will then convert your html file into zip file.
  • You can also use an archiving tool like the excellent open-source 7-Zip (www.7-zip.org).
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    Ok, I downloaded this game for my Android device at https://gamestoremobi.com

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