How to Link to Another App on Samsung?

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Hello, I'd like to publish one free and one paid app on Samsung. In the free version there would be a link to the paid version. Can this be done and if yes, how?

I think we've already discussed this once, but didn't find a solution. @mark or @lorne, any ideas, please? I know that Andromo currently (and officially) fully supports GP and Amazon, but Samsung Appstore is also getting more and more popular.



  • Simple name a hyperlink in your HTML Activity and link to your paid app. Of course it has to be published first
  • @f1_fan: Thanks, buddy. :) I guess I was again shallow-breathing and chocked my brain, hehe. When I've read your reply, I remembered, that links to specific apps work. However, if I want to link to a specific vendor/publisher, all I ever get is this generic link:

    But, thanks again, I'm off to finish this app of mine now. :)
  • good luck , btw I haven't rye with Samsung but in GP it is possible. You have direct link to your distribution channel

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