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Have any of you experimented with live wallpapers on the side? I was wondering how the revenue vs time potential stacks up against the apps I've been building to date. I'm also looking for something to break up the monotony of my current path. I'm doing well with apps but always looking for other avenues! 


  • I've seen a guy say he makes around 6.000 USD/month exclusively with live wallpapers - and they are not even on GP, but on Samsung, Opera and other alternative stores.

    I too was contemplating about making some, but I'm not sure, how would Google like 10's of "re-skinned" apps on one account. I will definitely make a few "regular" wallpaper apps, but I'm waiting for Andromo to fix that scaling thing I've talked about in another thread.
  • What are you using to build live wallpapers with?
  • @tholyoak: There are some live wallpaper builder out there but I haven't tried them yet. If nothing else, you can buy live wallpaper source code for 15 USD or so.
  • How could one earn with live wallpapers? They can use ads or you simply sell them?
  • Most of the apps I've seen use ads.
  • Bada theme maker can do live wallpapers aswell as themes (I think) but that's just Samsung
  • Nice thanks maybe it is worth trying.
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