Mmedia perfomance

I'm trying to monetize some apps that admob not allowed. I want to use Mmedia, someone has some performance report? or experience with them.

Is a good alternative or is another failure as Tapgage? btw someone received payments from Tapgage


  • Depending upon the reason you're not allowed to use AdMob, you'll want to read Millennial Media's terms of service as well to make sure your app doesn't violate their terms.
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    Mmedia has disappointing results for me, in the apps which I have used them on. They earn me around 1/20 of what Admob earns me. But since you cannot use Admob, and supposing that you make sure you CAN use Mmedia without risks, then go on with it. It might be better for you.
  • I have tested Mmedia for over 1 month (since somebody said, the long term results might be better) for one of my apps. The results are very disappointing, to say the least!

    255,705 requests
    875 clicks
    eCPM $0.12
    Revenue $25.35

    With admob I made eCPM $0.89 for the same app.

    If amazon allows this type of app (and if you targeting mainly the US/UK market), I would suggest you use amazon for banners and mmedia only for Interstitials.

    And yes, I still received a Tapgage payment in January (not in Feb, but I thats ok, since I haven't reached the minimum).
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    Thanks Silvia, I remember that you have more than 500 apps, all of them are on Google Play? I currently have 75 not know if it is appropriate to increase the amount to improve revenue.
  • @sylviathewitch: As always, thanks for sharing high quality info, you always manage to do that.

    @mastermx: I guess if you are publishing apps slowly and consider them good quality, you should be fine. I've seen accounts with over 100 "spammy" looking apps and they are up for more than year and a half now, but you never know whats Google up to. :)
  • This is becoming a joke. $0.01 a day and it is taking up views form my Admob. Not worth at all. Too good I had only used it on two apps.
    So now a question for you and especially @pixelpower.
    I signed up for closed beta of Notifymob. You think its worth it, when and if I am accepted, to replace Mmedia with notifymob and upload in the smaller markets for a check?
  • @anteos I just recently singed up with them about 5 days ago. They are pretty new and of course I can't tell yet if they are better than other networks yet but they seems to be more transparent and answer you when you send them an email or talk to them on handouts. So the customer service is excellent but I have to wait and see about the earnings . I also like the fact that they can work with you on AD placement in an app , like for my action game they placed the AD on top so that it won't mess with the buttons on the lower screen. So this is a test run right now.
  • OK @pixelpower, thank you for your reply. By the way you have placed notifymob alongside admob or on its own?
    Maybe when you have some distinct results of earnings you could post some.

  • I have just notifymob ADs in my apps. I figure about 2 weeks I will have a good idea if their network makes money.
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    I am considering to remove some apps form Google Play and replace their admob ads with other monetization.
    Millennial revenue is really low for me but I am thinking to put their ads anyway.
    What monetization would you suggest, among the ones Andromo got at the moment?  How's MobPartner compared to Mmedia? I reckon some of you have tried them all and can give some insight on the matter.

  • @anteos
    Have you tried to contact mmedia regarding your low performance? Perhaps they can tweak something in your account to improve the results, or offer some suggestions.
  • Yup, I contacted them today. And regardless of low performance or not, I already added 5 apps of mine in mMedia.
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