Translations Worth Adding to Other App Stores?


adding translations to GP has a visible effect on download rates. I've tried to add them to one app on Amazon and it did nothing. However, what about adding translations to Samsung Appstore and Opera, is it worth it? Did anyone try and if yes, are the results visible?



  • So, any news? :) I have one app which had around 100 DL's per day with English description only. After adding a few major languages (Spanish, German, Japanese, etc.), the downloads went up by 30-40%.

    I still didn't add any new languages to Samsung Appstore, because getting approved (with many activities in your app) is getting harder, so I don't want to poke the bear and put my apps in the review process again.

    I'd love to hear your experience.
  • Did you translate with Google services?

  • The basic were done with Google Translate, then I found people on Fiverr to make the translations a bit more natural.
  • What I meant this once you are uploading apk to GP there is an option to request translation . Did you do this way or you simply change app itself
  • I changed it myself.
  • ok, thanks
  • I have had some success with translated app descriptions on Google Play into Japanese in the past, but it didn't work for all of my apps. Honestly I think it's hit and miss and depends on the contents of the app since the contents themselves are not translated at this point.
  • @mark: Thanks. I'll try to add translations to my least popular app on Samsung App store and see what happens.
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