Can we do any sort of IAP?

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I would love to be able to do some sort of IAP transaction in my apps.

I have a lot of valuable old podcast material I'd like to be able to assign an IAP to - so that people can buy my shows right through the app via IAP.

I would presume it would be done with the AUDIO activity.

Thoughts?  Anyone else trying to do some sort of sales via their apps?



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    For apps in Google Play, you are restricted to using the IAP provided by Google Play Services for anything that unlocks parts of the app or offers upgrades to the app. This is something that would need to be implemented by Andromo, and although it is not as straightforward as it might seem, it is definitely on our list of things we'd like to add.

    I believe there is one exception to needing the Google Services for IAP, and that's if you're providing physical goods, or something that the user can use outside of the app -- for example, a music file or an ebook or something of that nature that the user is free to access and load into any app of their choice. For something like that, you are able to use your own payment processor, etc. to implement IAP, for example using a web service like Bandcamp.

    Currently there is no built in support for IAP in our Audio activities but it is definitely something we've discussed. I think initially we expected Google Play Music to expand outside North America more quickly than it has. IAP for downloadable files is definitely a feature we will be considering further.
  • As I understand it, and I'm no expert - but I review a lot of Android games and talk to their developers ...

    There is essentially two basic IAPs; consumables (Smurfberries) and a sort of "purchase" IAP.  The former cannot be "restored" from a reinstalled app - but you can restore a "flag" like "full app" or "pro version".

    I could see consumables being a real pain to bring in - hopefully a single "full version" type deal would be easier to implement.

    Unfortunately, Google Play Music is horrible for "podcast" type content (especially when they are like 4+ hours long like some of mine are).

    I may try Amazon; see if I can sell there.
  • I mentioned IAP earlier and I would like to use it not for downloads, just to unlock features in my apps.
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