Admob + Others' Adsense...


I use admob on my apps but i notice that when i use the website activity some of the websites i put inside the app have already adsense ads. So when i see the new app it has my admob banner with ads PLUS the owner's websites adsense ads. Is it against the rules? Would i have a problem with that? i read the TOS of google but didn't find anything related. 

If anyone knows it would be great.


  • This is against Admob TOS.  Don't do it (Ive been told by Admob myself).  Just use interstitials and you should be fine  :)>-
    Hopefully Andromo will introduce "optional" banner ads for website activities sometime soon.
  • Thanks for quick answer.
  • Yes, optional banner ads for certain activity types is in the works.
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