Downloads on Samsung Appstore Have Stopped

Hello, I've just logged in to my Samsung account to check the stats and as it seems that downloads have stopped on March 11th. Please see this screenshot:

What could be the problem? I haven't received any notifications from Samsung. Do stats work for you guys?



  • @hendrixs I'm seeing the same things in my Samsung stats, and I'm not sure what's up. I've seen their stats be down before but never for this many days. My apps are still in their store though, so I assume it's just a stats bug.

  • @mark, bro, thanks for calming me down. ;) I've sent them a support ticket and I'm waiting for the answer. I'll let you know if they reply.
  • I've received a reply from Samsung. They are aware of the issue (the Appstore is expanding rapidly and current systems can't handle it properly) and a fix should be made in April.
  • LOL, @lorne. :) Good one.
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