app rejected in Samsung app store

Hi. One of my apps have been rejected in Samsung app store.

It has got RSS feeds, and the tester enter in a page "opened in app" that have a video.

The tester play de video and then press "back button" but the video continue playing and sounding. He needed to close completely the app in order to cancel the sound.

This is considered as a big failure and the app is rejected.

I think this must be fixed in next compilations of Andromo.

The message sensed to me by Samsung is:

Sound of video attached in an article is still audible even though user leaves the current article's page

Sound of video attached in an article is still audible even though user leaves the current article's page. 

1. Execute application
2. Select magazine > Select article(with video)
3. Play video > Press BACK Key > Check the sound

<Expected Result>
Video attached in an article should stop playing when user leaves the current article's page.


  • The same happened with one of my apps 2 days ago and I've got the same message from Samsung.Since I don't know how to fix this (I test it on my device but it's not happening the same thing ) , I did not resubmit the app to them.
  • I have had similar but not same probs...
    Ensure that when uploading Apps you select/deselect appropriate version of android.
    Andromo now on 2.3.3 or above only
    (It may not be just this but this has solved issues for me).
    They seem to test it on device with low version of android to ensure compatibility
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    Well, I tried de bug on my android 4.2 device with 1GB RAM and the bug is worse:

     The video keeps playing even when I go out the application completely.

    I guess the reason is that having lots of RAM the app continues running in the background. 

    In a low memory mobile, application is fully closed exiting it and the sound is playing only while the app is running in the foreground.
  • @notraf could you please give us the URL of the RSS feed that you were testing with so that we can try to replicate the bug?
  • @mark
    Of course.
    For example 
    with classic RSS feed, open destination link in app an show tumbnail images in settings.

    search for an article with a video. play it, press back button on device while playing.
    The sound continues.
    Press back again... the sound continues... if the device has got 1G RAM or more.

    And I remember too that this type of app use lots of memory. If you use it a while and go to applications in the mobile settings you can see that is running or in background using 300 or 400 MB RAM. A great problem for devices with only 512M or less.

  • I suggest somme kind of cleaning of memory when exiting from an RSS activity or from a page viewed in an RSS activity.
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    > If you use it a while and go to applications in the mobile settings you can see that is running or in background using 300 or 400 MB RAM. A great problem for devices with only 512M or less.

    Android is designed to leave things in memory for as long as possible until it needs the memory for something else. That is actually how Android is supposed to work. Android purposefully delays reclaiming memory from apps that are not in the foreground until it needs to. This behaviour is very important in order to optimize battery performance.

    The RSS activity does not use a foreground service, so even if it was still finishing a quick refresh task shortly after losing foreground status, there is nothing that would prevent Android from instantly taking back any resources needed for that task as soon as they were needed by anything else.

    As experienced Android developers we are very mindful of the
    Android activity life cycle and pay a lot of attention to making sure all of the
    activities in Andromo follow the correct procedures.

  • Hi Lorne.

    Well, may be you do all correct, but when I see the memory used by apps, the andromo made app go to background and we can see that it reaches 300 Mb or 400 Mb.. more when we have been watching lots of webpages from RSS feeds. This is a lot. An abnormal lot.

    When I use the app in a mobile whith only 80 MB RAM free, the system turns slow, the app lags, and sometimes even close automatically de feed and goes to the dashboard.

    Too much visited pages stored in the memory used by the app, I think.

    I think the number of visited webpages stored in memory must be limited by software.

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