Horror Story !! Almost to $100 to get payout and then Leadbolt bans me for no reason.

The last 3 or 4 days I have not made any revenue I was stuck at $85 . All of a sudden today when I go to log in my account is suspended. The last 2 weeks I only made like $2 so it can't be traffic or false clicks. I hope they resolve it I sent them an email now just waiting a response. I am really pissed right now , this makes no sense. 1st the money slows down to a halt and now they ban me????


  • Sorry to hear that. :-( I know you used HTML to implement their ads. Is that OK with them? If yes, please let us know, what was the issue.
  • @pixelpower have they given a reason as to why your account was suspended?

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    1) I went to login
    2) It won't let me log in because it says I have been suspended . Intructions were to email support.
    3) I emailed support and haven't gotten a response as to why.

    So Iam totally in the dark and the thing is I haven't been making money last couple of week just pennies a day so it day lately.
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    Hey Pixelpower,

    Sorry to hear about your issues. Let me look into your account and have support let you know the issue.
  • Ok I sent the email a couple of days ago and I have not gotten a response.
  • My leadbolt account is restored but I never got an email explaining why it was suspended in the 1st place.
  • @pixelpower: Great to hear that, thanks for sharing! It would be nice to know the reason for suspension, but the main thing is, that the acc is back on-line.
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