Andromo Chat / Hangout

Is anyone interested in an Andromo hangout or twitter chat today? I know it's short notice but if you are interested let me know and whether you would like a Google+ Hangout (like we did last time) or a twitter chat. If we decide to do a twitter chat let's use the hashtag: #AndromoChat

As for a time, what about in 30 minutes or an hour, say 15:00UTC or 16:00UTC Current time in UTC

Again if you are around and have any questions for us developers leave a comment and we'll set something up.

If there is no interest, or no time today, we will try to plan something for the coming weeks.


  • What is that in eastern standard time?
  • @pixelpower it was in UTC but since there wasn't any interest I guess we'll skip it for this week and I might try to plan something for the upcoming weeks.
  • Does anyone have any interest in this? A twitter char or a Google+ Hangout? Let us know and we'll set one up.
  • I have nothing special on my mind to ask or talk about right now (that wasn't already discussed), but if it goes live, I'll join just for fun. :)
  • @hendrixs Thanks I was thinking something like the forums only more real-time. Get people together so they can talk about some of this stuff, ask us questions etc.
  • @mark: Sounds good.
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