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  • @freeappzone: Happy to hear that. :) There are many good posts by various users here, you just need to "dig them up".

    @pixelpower: Yeah, this is definitely not for someone who is just starting out, despite what many "gurus" say. What I'm seeing lately is quite absurd. The cheaper the source I buy and the re-skin I make, the more successful the game seems to be (simple = better) :)  There is absolutely no correlation between the price of the game and it's success.
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    Yeah simple games are much better. I have looked at the online source code selling and man some of these developers really jack up the price of their source code's. I have seen flappybird source code sell for $1,500 bucks it's nuts.
  • Ref: Admob Floor Beta
    I just had a 30 min. phone call with my admob representative (they invited me to an optimization chat).

    The admob floor beta is only relevant, if you have more than one ad-network enabled through admob.
    The only thing that it does, is comparing all the active ad networks.
    E.g. you have admob set to $0.01 and AdFalcon to $0.02.
    You can now set floor beta to let's say $1.00 eCPM.
    Floor beta will now check for you, which ad network will give you the requested (or better) eCPM.

    If you have only admob activated it does nothing, because it only "compares" admob with admob.
    Hope this helps!
  • @sylviathewitch: Thanks for sharing! Are you going to give it a try?
  • No, since I have no relationship with any of the other networks, I wont.
    I am just too much of a chicken in regards to this!
    You never know when google-play decides, that one of the other networks is a "bad player".
    I will not risk anything! I stick with admob (=google) and play it safe ;-)
  • @sylviathewitch: basically Google is one of the best if not the best payers, so sticking with them seems a good idea.
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