Admob suddenly stopped reporting

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Since 2 days my admob reports 0 earnings with 0 impressions.
It was 4$ on average with over 5000 impressions before that.
I have checked my apps, they are still rendering the ads.
FYI, all apps have been made from andromo.
Any particular reason why Admob doesnt report even the impressions?
Does this have any relation to the updated Google Play policy?

Please help,


  • @rkumbhar The only people that can really answer that question are AbMob themselves. I am still seeing impressions and revenue from AdMob in my Andromo apps so things appear to still be working in general. It could a temporary reporting glitch, or AdMob might not like something about those apps, although it is odd that they are still displaying ads.

    I would email AdMob's support and double-check all of your AdMob id's to ensure that you entered them correctly.

  • Hi I checked mine and it is counting and revenue is popping up :) So i second Mark. The best is to send them an email. As long as you earn about $4/day you should be entitled for email support
  • I'm the exact same.  No impressions or income for the last 2 days.  

    It says in my account that it hasn't been updated since 29th.

    Pretty sure it will update again within the next couple of days and get back to normal.
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