HTML Archive problems


I am having some trouble setting up a second HTML Archive activity on my app.
The first one works fine but it just a simple one page html, the second involves a few more pages within itself, it uploads but won't build.
I have tried many different ways, making sure the images and pages are properly setup but still no go.
First question: Can I have more than one HTML Archive activity in the same app?
Second: What structure should I be using? I checked the documentation here, but it only shows 2 folders, one for images and one for pages, and of course the index.html file.....I have all of these but still not working...

Any ideas??



  • Ok a couple of questions so I can help you

    1) Do you have more than one index.html file ?

    2) Did you make it so the dashboard is disabled or enabled ?
  • If you prefer to submit the information to support, we can assist you further there, or if you provide your project name, we can look in our logs to see the exact error if you didn't receive error text in the build failure email.

    Some common causes to look at:

    - Differing character case in folder/filename references (make sure the path matches the file exactly).
    - Special characters in filenames/folders (remove the special characters from the name).
    - Files or folders with very long names (shorten the names so you don't run into path limits).
    - Index file not being in the root of your .zip, instead within a folder (move file to root and reference files relative from there).

    Hope that helps.
  • Hi Pixelpower,

    I had an index.html file in each activity, then I changed one to a different name, still wouldn't build.
    I believe I have the dashboard enabled, really don't know how to disable it.


  • HI darryl,

    Where or how do you want me to submit this info?


  • Got it figured out!!!!!!

  • Happy to hear you got things working. What ended up being the cause of the issue out of curiosity?
  • HI Darryl,

    I was using Web Expression, and after I made the first test site, i continued making pages for more archived pages. Not sure of the exact cause that fixed it, but I started all over, right from scratch and everything is fine.
    But I do have to keep checking my pages and make sure everything looks good. 
    THIS... <head> <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, user-scalable=no" /></head>....looks like a great help too.

    One more question, If I have more than one HTML Archive activity in the same app, can I still use index.html as the start file or do I name the other ones different?


  • Yes, you can use the same index filename in multiple HTML Archive activities and it won't cause any conflicts.
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