Making app with user profiles for vids and pics (and maybe contact info)

Hi Guys.

Complete newbie here. Just wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction.

 Im looking for info on how to be able to create an app that has the facility for ppl to make a profile and upload pictures or vids of themselves so that others can look through the list of profiles and pick one and look at the vids/pics for that particular profile.

as i said, total newbie so sorry if this is a stupid post lol.

any help would be greatly appreciated as ive read a few tutorials but just dont really know exactly where to start.

I was thinking create a youtube profile with the name of the app and then add the vids through that but i wanna let my friends add their own accounts so they can upload the vids themselves...can anyone tell what i need to do to enable this kinda thing on andromo? or where i could find some info on this?!



  • You will need to do this via your website.  Read the link below, particularly paragraph 3.  It's above basic level web design / programming but to stay within Youtubes TOS you will need to read up on it.  When you have a website community that people can join and upload vids to - you can incorporate that into your App using the HTML Archive or Website activity.  It's a toughie and this post shows that you will have to dig deep and read up on YouTubes recommendations, but it's a start...

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