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Samsung Downloads are Slowing Rapidly

edited April 2014 in General Discussion

my download rates (for all apps) have fallen dramatically in the last few weeks on Samsung's app store. Here is a screenshot:

Is anyone else experiencing this? I'd appreciate your insights.



  • @hendrixs For my apps the general trend in the Samsung store is a big boost in the beginning and then a slow drop over time. Right now my results do seem quite low for the last two weeks, however the Samsung Seller website wasn't loading for me properly so I wouldn't be surprised if they were still having some issues.
  • @mark: Thanks for replying. So basically this is normal. :) However, I do hope these numbers improve (or their reporting), because with current download rates, it seems, that my apps are as good as non-existent on Samsung App Store.
  • @hendrixs
    I had a few very slow days (Mar 25,26,27 and Apr 1,2,3)
    Usually my average downloads are 2.200-2.500 per day (for the past 4 month). On the above mentioned days I only had 1.200-1.500. But the other days between and after are looking ok.

    "PM" @hendrixs ... saw your email, sounds like a great idea! I'll get back to you tomorrow :-)

  • @mark @sylviathewitch: the numbers have been readjusted and now things are more or less back to normal (judging by the statistics). Thanks again for taking your time to check the stats.

    PM @sylviathewitch: Looking forward to it. :)
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