Samsung Downloads are Slowing Rapidly


my download rates (for all apps) have fallen dramatically in the last few weeks on Samsung's app store. Here is a screenshot:

Is anyone else experiencing this? I'd appreciate your insights.



  • @hendrixs For my apps the general trend in the Samsung store is a big boost in the beginning and then a slow drop over time. Right now my results do seem quite low for the last two weeks, however the Samsung Seller website wasn't loading for me properly so I wouldn't be surprised if they were still having some issues.
  • @mark: Thanks for replying. So basically this is normal. :) However, I do hope these numbers improve (or their reporting), because with current download rates, it seems, that my apps are as good as non-existent on Samsung App Store.
  • @hendrixs
    I had a few very slow days (Mar 25,26,27 and Apr 1,2,3)
    Usually my average downloads are 2.200-2.500 per day (for the past 4 month). On the above mentioned days I only had 1.200-1.500. But the other days between and after are looking ok.

    "PM" @hendrixs ... saw your email, sounds like a great idea! I'll get back to you tomorrow :-)

  • @mark @sylviathewitch: the numbers have been readjusted and now things are more or less back to normal (judging by the statistics). Thanks again for taking your time to check the stats.

    PM @sylviathewitch: Looking forward to it. :)
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