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Hi all,

Have you ever use ot to boost your app in GP? What is your experience with fiver?



  • Well, I've been told that buying installs doesn't work well. A friend of mine bought for 100 USD installs, but did nothing for him in the long run.

    What do you have in mind exactly?
  • buying reviews and 5 strars rating, I saw mayn of my competitors have strangly high volume of 5 stars from same day....
  • Also it's against Google Play's terms of service so you if you do it you might get into trouble.
  • Yeah, it's not a rarity to see this. Well, if you do decide to spice up your app with a few ratings, make sure, that you don't go with someone, who offers 10 ratings for 5 USD. :) They are probably using one device with many IP's (VPN) or somthing like that. 2-3 reviews are more likely to be legit, as many people have such number of devices in their household.
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