Google Patents Method of Keeping Pirate Apps at Bay

Hey guys, what do you think about this news:  ?
Does it effect us? When we use the app builder, our applications are composed of similar sequences of bytes. Google will be able to figure this.


  • good question, but i think Andromo will be classified as some king of free sourc code or so.
  • Interesting find. I hope it won't affect cloned / re-skinned apps (giving them a lower quality score or something like that).

    I've asked my friend about this issue (mobile games dev - he also sells his codes for re-skinning purposes) and he said, that they will go after people, who copy/paste code from decompiled app versions. It is basically to catch fraudsters.

    Let's hope he's 100% right. :)
  • I would say re-skining is fraud app. Same code different skin.... Even if changes to the code, core of code is same.
  • I don't think that this will have any affect on Andromo apps, I think that Google is smarter than that. Of course we will have to wait and see what happens, but at the moment I wouldn't be concerned.

  • I read the story and honestly there is no way to effectively implement this. All code is similar in structure , it would be extremely hard to tell who is copying who. It sounds good in theory but I don't see this going well.
  • Get ready for unnecessary blocking of Apps? :(
  • Basically that could be excuse to block apps without legitimate reason, just because Google said so ....
  • This actually has nothing to do with source code "structure," but in signatures that are generated from different parts of the app. This sort of thing (comparing signatures or hashes) is done all the time for a lot of different reasons. In fact, when an Android app is made, it must be signed (Andromo does this for you) and one reason is to make sure it hasn't been changed.
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