Hi all,

I have a question if you do so. I know @hendrixs you are playing around with this.

The question is what resolution for pictures are you putting to all folders starting from the lowest. I was told to put 800x1280 to mdpi but I read that should be for 10'' Tablets.

Anyone can give a ideas please?



  • @f1_fan: Could you give a bit more specifics, please? If you are referring to games, I use 1 dimension only, which works good on most devices (640x940 px for background images).
  • @hendrixs

    I have jigsaw game and I am refering to this folders:

    drawable hdpi/xhdpi/xxhdpi and ldpi/mdpi
  • @f1_fan: I only have one source where I was able to locate this folder (project made in Cocos2D X) and it contains only one icon (72 x 72 px).
  • @hendrixs yes I know about icons. For biger screen I used 96x96 and for small 72x72 but I am wonder about image. Let say you want display for full screen but if you put 360x480 for hdip it will be too small....

    Thanks for trying anyway.

    Does anyone know this?
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    If my App is for a variety of screen sizes (Phones and Tablets) I use the biggest dimensions and use the images responsively (image = display:block inside a responsive DIV tag that is sized by %) with CSS to downsize automatically.  Using Photoshop (or other) program to "Save for web" feature (optimise) meaning that yes images are bigger than I need for most devices but they are small file size so doesn't take long time to load or take up much MB.  I always use the rule go big and downsize automatically.  I never use absolute measures like Xpx x Xpx unless I know the specific screensize.
  • ok thanks
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