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Hello I am sort of new to Android development and had a few questions about Andromo and Android. I have not used Andromo yet but is it free and simple? I do have a few app ideas and made some in eclipse (I have some java experience). I am trying to get back into it. I do not own pPhotoshop, is that needed to make apps? If not then is there a legal way to use images/sprites, like you simply can't Google a picture and take it right? What is your experience with Andromo? I appreciate all feedback.


  • After trying many App makers on the web I found Andromo to be the most comprehensive.
    Through my own experiences I get a lot more from Andromo than any others in terms of function etc and the forum users are great at helping out.  You won't need Photoshop, and Andromo is always Google compliant and you're right, you can't just use images off the web but be creative, the web is public and you can point to many images on the web without ripping them to your hardrive.  I am a paid user and have never regretted using Andromo, in fact I am convinced I made the best choice.
  • Can this be used to make games, like if I wanted to make a memory game?
  • No...You would have to program it in java / html and upload with HTML Archive activity
  • ok thanks a lot :)
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