Resources to help Andromo Users

I am constantly using the web for things to help me along the App developer route...
Knowing HTML can be a big help for any Andromo user who wants to customize their App further.
I use Udemy.Com for learning new techniques / Skills or for just refreshing my current skills or knowledge.

So I just wanted to point to a great deal on Udemy at the moment for learning HTML and more...
This $300 course is at $10 for today only and is a continuous / indefinite course so will be a fantastic resource for anyone who wants to have a permanent resource for HTML.  (I am not connected with Udemy in any way, I just think it's a really cool place for learning at my own pace).

As I find great resources that could help Andromo Users, I will post links here.
Does anyone else have great resources that could help fellow Andromo Users?  Post them here!


  • Here is an HTML Mobile Web Template thats perfect for an App.  It's $8 from ThemeForest.Net
    Whether for a custom Dashboard or to have as an Activity (HTML Archive, Web Activity) It's totally customizable.  You will need to know HTML above beginner for this.  Also check out their other HTML Mobile App Themes on the 2nd link.  Another great resource I use to help me customize my Apps.

  • Great stuff, but I missed it. :( Anyway, thanks for posting!
  • I have had an email from 'FileDir.Com' - They seem to list my apps that are on GP (I can't remember signing up for this but it's potentially another download stream so it's all good.
    They included an RSS feed for my Apps which looks great using the new Card RSS style when I tried it out on a sample App.
    It has Images in the feed (not the icon just screenshot image 1), description, download link, screenshots link.  It all looks very neat.  The download link - links to their website but actual downloads come from GP.
    Another resource I thought would be useful to mention.  You can search for your developer name to see if you are on there - it may be worth your while :)
  • Free Learning - If you're Quick - On Udemy, for today only (3rd Aug)
    Java Script for beginners and
    Advanced HTML 5

    For those of you who are not familiar with Udemy, they offer great learning courses at great prices and if you sign up for email alerts, you get free courses from time to time like the ones above, invaluable!
  • Thanks so much for the notification!
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