Andromo Developer Hangout #002 - Coming Soon!

Come one come all to the second Andromo Developer Hangout: Andromo Developer Hangout #002

We (the Andromo team) are here to answer any questions about Andromo, Android Development, App Promotion, or any other questions that you might have. Is there a feature you want to see added to Andromo? A problem that you’re having with your apps? Whatever the question is we’ll try to answer it live on the air.

The hangout is scheduled for Thursday May 1st, at 11:00AM CDT. Which is: 6:00:00 PM CEST, 8:00:00 PM MSK, 9:00:00 AM PDT, 12:00:00 Noon EDT, 9:30:00 PM IST, 2:00:00 AMEST, 1:00:00 PM BRT, 1:00:00 AM JST. If Google+ doesn't already convert it for you you can use this handy timezone converter.

If you can come let us know. If you have a question that you know you want answered take a moment and ask it in the Google Moderator Series here: Andromo Developer Hangout #002 or from the Q&A link on the hangout page.

Even if you don't have a question to ask, maybe take a second to visit the moderator page and vote for a question that you like.

Leave your comments and thoughts below!


  • Alright I have to check the time zones to see if I can make it. If not I definitely have some questions moving forward I will send .
  • Nice customized invitation. :) I'll try to attend.
  • Just a quick note about the timing of the hangout: I have posted a timezone widget on the blog to help everyone figure out what 11:00am - 12:00 Noon Winnipeg time is in their local timezone:

    Andromo Developer Hangout Time Widget

    Looking forward to the hangout and be sure to ask a question in advance if you cannot attend.

  • @pixelpower checkout the link I posted above for timezone information. If you can't make it be sure to ask a question.
    @hendrixs Thanks! All done on a Nexus 5.
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    Hey everyone, I'm really looking forward to the hangout tomorrow, hopefully we have a good turnout. It's important to remember that you can ask whatever you want at the hangout, and it doesn`t have to be a Andromo question per se, if you have a suggestion, or just want to talk about something related to Andromo and/or Android we are open to that as well.

    You don`t have to appear on camera at all (in fact I think it will just be Lorne and I on Camera), if you just want to watch the live stream and ask your questions by typing them, that`s cool too. 

    I`m thinking of this as a good chance to meet with current, former, and potential Andromo developers; answer some questions; and talk about some stuff. 

    Hopefully I will see (or hear from) you tomorrow.
  • 30 minutes until the hangout, I hope to see a bunch of you there!
  • Iam at work but I will try to see if I can sneak away but I doupt.
  • @pixelpower No worries, if you can only watch the link to the YouTube will be here:

  • Thanks I submitted some questions already.
  • Just came home, I'm watching it on YouTube. :)
  • Will you guys be posting the video on YouTube for the parts I did miss. Don't edit it just keep it raw.
  • @pixelpower Yes it's live right now here:

    Thanks for the questions!
  • This was great. Good stuff, guys.
  • Thanks everyone who took the time to ask a question in advance or during the event, we hope you enjoyed watching and/or participating in this epic hangout.  As you can see from the length of this hangout Andromo, mobile, and tech in general are things that we are passionate about here at Andromo.

    If hangouts like these are something that you guys are interested in seeing more of from us please let us know. We could do this, a twitter chat, a podcast, or something else if you guys are into it. We really want to open the doors and have more back and forth communication between us and you the developer because we feel that it will make your apps and our service better.

    Thanks again and we’ll see you next time!

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    Also we want to learn what you are passionate about. What do you want more of from us? 

    Are you interested in the mobile space or would you rather learn more about app marketing and SEO?  Would you like more market statistics or smartphone sales?  What information could we provide you with that would make your experience with Andromo better?
  • App marketing would be the most interesting to me, but a little out of everything would also be fine. :)
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