New! Please take the May 2014 Andromo Subscriber Survey

Are you an Android subscriber? Do you have 5 minutes to help us make Andromo better? If so please follow the link below and take our short 8 question survey.:

Customer Development Survey

The survey is only for paid subscribers at the moment, so if you are just testing Andromo, this isn’t the survey for you.

A few of you will have taken the survey when it was private so there is no need to fill it out again. We decided to take the survey public so that we could get a broader ranges of responses after the first wave.



  • Hi Mark,

    Is it same survey you sent by email ?
  • @f1_fan Yes this is the same survey.
  • ok,do you want me to do it again ;P
  • @f1_fan Hah! Not necessary...unless you really want to.
  • I just completed the survey:  but why are the questions so 'dark' ?

  • @amsinco They are not meant to be dark, we are just trying to get a handle on what our subscribers think about Andromo and the service that we offer.
  • Hi Mark, I forgot to mention one more thing in the survey I've just finished: ( supposed to go in between the camera-access and the internatiolization of the dialoges:  

    an option to put in an custom Ad-Network . As example: please look at one of my own creations, which is a local marketplace:  - If you look at the bottom of the page you'll notice banner-adds, linked with my own local yellow-pages. It would be nice to be able to connect them via script with the dashboard, as well

  • @jankb Thanks for the response and the information. Just to let you know we are working on translations for the in-app strings right now. We talked about it in the last hangout in case you missed it. Hopefully they will make it into one of the next updates.
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