Feedback on the Google Hangout the good and the bad

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             Ok I had the pleasure of viewing the google hangout , I was at work so I couldn''t join in like I wanted to but I was able to post some questions and recieve some answers. Also I heard some other questions that others asked about Andromo development.

Andromo's team had more energy and was more lively this time around. I even caught a couple of jokes too which made it fun to watch. I like that Andromo also mentioned other stuff like game consoles and where Andromo fit into the scheme of things. Also props to Andromo for going overtime and not being set into a time frame which means they answered all the questions.

From the developers side I wish there were actually more questions asked but since its thursday I know most of us where working. The next hangout should be like a saturday mid- day so we can get more developers in the mix.

The one big problem however is the way Andromo kept saying we can't implement a certain feature in a " generic way " . I as well as other developers who do promote Andromo try to fight the term " generic "  when Andromo is mentioned to defend Andromo . Andromo is not generic , to me its an all in one tool to make android apps and games. Please find a better word to describe implementing feature's like the term " simple add-on " or " streamline interface ' .

I understand that Andromo is mainly for apps as Mark has discussed this with me before. I also know the mission statement is to market the product as an easy to use tool. But since I would like the user base to grow I do mention HTML a lot and users as you have seen have been using HTML more as dashboards and even making thier own quiz apps. In the future Andromo needs to market towards the HTML5 crowd as well as non-coders, alot of them make web game apps and would like a service to convert thier web apps and games into android platform. Andromo can't just go after all non-coders , we need to expand our consumer base.

Also I noticed alot of times someone asked for something Andromo would say we don't get a lot of request for it. Not that many people ask for stuff considering the amount of andromo users but that doesn't mean there is no demand for it. Reminder non of this stuff is in the front page so users have to search the forums for it.

Example 1  : Calender activity source code HTML no editing needed , it got  71 downloads and it's only been requested like 2 times.
Example 2  : Calculator activity source code HTML no editing needed, it got 92 downloads and I don't remember it being requested.
Example 3  :Pop Quiz Framework source code HTML does need editing , it got 147 downloads and about 7 or 8 requests that I know of.
Example 4 :Smart Alex source code HTML does need editing , got 138 downloads and 2 or 3 requests.

You can check these numbers yourself on sourceforge
and here
Just click on the  i  to the left of the number to see total downloads. Now remember its not like my stuff is on the front page for everyone to see its buried deep in the forums so people have to look for it. That means people have been looking for this stuff even thought there is few requests.

In closing the hangout was great just wish I had time to explain everything I wanted to say. I know you guys are trying hard and we all need to pitch in. I do request that full HTML activites that don't need editing be put on the front page so it Andromo can offer more activites. All the people have to do is download the file and put it in the app so its a win win for both of us. I asked this before and I 'am asking you reconsider it your stance on this cause it will only help andromo out.
Both full source codes for Calender and Calculator are here


  • Hey @pixelpower thanks for the asking question during the hangout. I'm also glad you enjoyed it. I'm hoping that we can schedule one for later in this month, and maybe this time we'll poll some people to see what the best time to hold the hangout will be.

    Also thanks for the questions during the hangout and your suggestions on the thread here. We'll talk about them during our next meeting.
  • Next hangout promise you guys will not use the word " generic " or " in a generic way". All other stuff can be debated but that word must be erased . I started laughing because it would drive me crazy hearing that word lol. Andromo is 1000 levels above generic , it's the only easy to use tool that you can make both games and apps. Most tools only support one or the other. Andromo supports both!!
  • Just to be clear I meant it in this sense:


    adjective Also, ge·ner·i·cal.
    1.of, applicable to, or referring to all the members of a genus, class, group, or kind; general.
  • Visual translation of this thread, care of MemeToad Pro:




  • HAHAHA now those are perfect LOL @lorne . @mark I know what generic means but I promise you 100% that people look at the word " generic" as basic and not of much use. Trust me on this one , no product likes to call themselves " generic " or do thing in  " a generic way " . I know you meant well but it just sounds funny.
  • Also take a look of the list of stuff people hardly ask for but downloaded. It will give you insight that its just not enough people giving feedback but they do want more activities. I feel a lot of the blame is on us developers we need to start being more active in the forum and promoting andromo too.
  • Hehehe, good one. :)
  • I've been on holiday for a week so some late feedback on the hangout (I did get to ask a couple of questions so thanks for some good answers!).
    I thought it was a good and interesting hangout and how you thought mine was a good idea about rotating banner images with description and links for the dashboard hopefully that will make it on to the ever changing long todo list you guys have.  It was good to hear you are concentrating on internationalisation I can see how this is a priority.  
    The question about hiding the URL for websites when the web activity has no data connection (I use web pages that link only to Andromo activities so to hide the URL for me is a good idea) may be a default page that simply says "No Data Connection" although I'm not sure this is a high priority for many devs).  

    I asked about Samsung Ads and glad you said you'd be interested in looking into that but you also mentioned that people aren't that familiar with Samsung Marketplace and I agree with that.  I have had Samsung phones for a good while and never really used the Samsung Hub App but Samsung is a massive marketplace for my apps and I would rather have Samsung ads in my Apps on their marketplace but of course it is all about revenue when it comes to ads and AdMob is going to be hard for anyone to beat (including Facebook).

    I agree that Andromo is good if you have HTML5 games and you can wrap them up in an Android App using Andromo purely because its a great way to get exposure on GP etc and to monetise, but I do at least better understand why there is no HTML/Game activity.  Basically, you already need to have done the HTML part for your specific requirements.  
    Interesting what Lorne said about gaming consoles and that for Android its more about making existing content etc work on the big screen.  I am getting Kindle Fire TV so i'll see what my apps look like on a TV and how they work.  I have some ideas for Apps using Music player, RSS & Youtube which should look really cool on a TV.  (Amazon says There's not usually the need for updating apps with an SDK).

    With regards to the next hangout, it will be good to get some words on Marketing.  Even just basics such as how user ratings, keywords, screenshots and vids and No of downloads contribute to exposure, importance of privacy policy, landing pages etc.  Some user contribution on this would also be good because knowing the experiences of others is a great help.  Like for me, the decision to pay for advertising was a tough one but any traction you get, can stick.  Also, how does playstore rate apps in search results, is it just No of downloads or most popular that week etc...  I'm sure there's a lot involved...  Here's to the next one!
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