Admob process question - please help

I want to know what the right process to put the admob add - please help
1) i create the app
2) in monetize i put the a4343425235235 - that admob give
3) upload to google play

1) create
2) upload
3) go to my admob acount
4) link to my live app in google play
5) copy the code that look like this "ca-app-pub-485176297234305/5093135786"
6) put in anromo app
7) upload again to gooale play



  • Both ways are correct.

    These steps are valid before your app is published.
    1) Go to AdMob
    2) Monetize -> Monetize new app
    3) "Add your app manually"
    4) Create ads (banner / interstitial)
    5) Copy those AdMob ID's in you app
    6) Rebuild and publish

    If you already have a published app, then the second way you described is valid.
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