Can we have a HTML compile service separate from the main service for lower price?

I was wondering if we could have a separate service that all it does is compile HTML into apk ? The reason I bring this up is there are services out there like this for $10 a month. I am hoping andromo could do the same.


  • Thanks for the suggestion, I don't think a service like this is likely but we'll talk about it. I also wanted to mention that our yearly service at $99.00 works out to $8.25 a month so it is quite reasonable.
  • Yes I know what the $99 a year comes out to, you guys mention it very often lol . I am a very busy person so I make a couple of apps and then when I am ready I sign up for the $25 plan so I can compile the apps I made. If it was cheaper per month I would get more done. I use the HTML activity and I really don't use any of the other activities now a days. With HTML you can access the web and make apps as well. I had a feeling the answer would be no .
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