How to set admob to appears at the bottom of our app?

Please help! I am new using andromo. Is there a way to set the admob always appears at the bottom of our app?
Because my admob is always appears at top, under the action bar, when in activity page. I need this admob appears at the bottom like when it does at dashboard page. Can anyone give me the solution for this matter? Thank you!


  • Hi,

    Some activities show the ad at the bottom while others show the ad at the top, depending on the activity's interface. There's currently no way for developers to control that location.

  • @darryl: If possible, please consider adding this feature. It would come in handy when doing custom HTML stuff and if the navigation/action buttons are on the bottom, having AdMob right below could cause trouble. Having action buttons and navigation too close to each other is not recommended.
  • I agree with @hendrixs. This is an important feature for developer who depend the income from ads activity.
    Please update for this feature. Thank you.
  • Thanks for the feedback guys, the suggestion is currently on our list of items to consider implementing for the future.
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