New app for NVIDIA Shield enthusiasts - made with Andromo!

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Venerablesoft is proud to announce the release of Shield Resource Zone - an NVIDIA Shield companion app for the Android Operating System.

Shield Resource Zone is a one stop resource for everything related to the amazing NVIDIA Shield portable Android gaming device.  The Zone aggregates all the best information including:

* Find Shield friendly games on Google Play
* Quick access to the ever-growing Compatibility Database
* Get the latest news from dozens of sources
* Find great PC games under $10 to stream to your PC
* Easy access to the best Shield videos on youTube
* Directly hit Reddit, Forums and Social Network communities
* Find the best deals on Shield and related hardware
* Plus more!

This is a free app - no ads, no in-app purchases - totally free for the Shield community.  Works great on phones, tablets and even the NVIDIA Shield itself.

Why not pick it up today?
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