Andromo Developer Hangout #3 the good and the bad

Ok so we had our 3rd hangout out to learn what's coming down the pipeline for Andromo.

The Good
Andromo was talking about adding new features to the RSS feed . Andromo was also talking about adding a new feature which was localization. Mark felt localization can help get new customers for your apps. Also mention was some andromo apps confirmed on twitter to work on OUYA game console. So those are the definite stuff Andromo will add. Also they didn't use the word generic.

The Bad
No new activities on the horizon even though we been asking for some. I found a way to add to add drop down menus , sub folders , and twitter intergration. None of that was gone into detail plus I felt as if I was bugging them by suggesting they go into detail judging by Marks facial expression when reading my posts. So there could be potential users that could use the information to build better apps that they past over or didn't cover enough. I felt like there is an issue about suggesting HTML . If Andromo doesn't supply functionality then I look for a way so that we have that functionality. Mark mainly blew it off and would over talk about stuff they can't do. I don't understand if they are trying to draw people in or lose customers at this point. I am trying my best , I find solutions like customizing menus , intergrating social features , and even helping users build new activities like quiz apps or point and click apps. Also I have ready made activities that Andromo doesn't have to offer like calender , calculator , and 2 player tick tack toe. That users can just upload via HTML . But Andromo is focused on native android but we not getting new activities so we have to make it ourselves via HTML . So as you can see there if a difference of opinion between me and Andromo as far as direction. I would like your feedback as well because maybe there was something I missed.


  • Another Good Hangout!  (Mark was unsure if I was male or female Ha! (Male, 37 from UK).
    I like the direction Andromo is going with internationalisation, trying to think of ways to let devs customize the way their app looks, and more interstitials... All good stuff
    RE the HTML stuff - it's very specific when people need HTML stuff so I understand its hard to give something that's for the masses rather than just a  niche, devs can easily grab html stuff they need by googling it!
    Good tips for marketing (get the basics right... have a webpage for your app, use social media...  Make a video thats different!  I like that one!).
    Funny aswell - Are you wearing Pants? Pants in England = underpants!  Lorne needs more coffee, What does Mark drink from that huge cup? And a new Social Media Pinstagram!  Always good to keep up with the latest!
    Oh, and please post the video of Marks presentation. :))
  • Hi pixelpower,

    I’m not sure what you saw in my facial expressions, but I can assure you that I’m happy whenever we get a question for the hangouts and I always try to answer every question regardless of the content or who they are from. We try to cover every question roughly in the order they were asked. None of the questions in the hangout (from you or other users) were upsetting or annoying to me in anyway. The more questions we get the better.

    As far as HTML is concerned the reality is that it is not our focus at the moment. We try to provide a good experience for developers that want to use HTML, but our main focus right now is on native Android as it is one of the ways we differentiate ourselves from the competition.

    You are more than welcome to continue to post tutorials and tips in the forums for users interested in incorporating them into their HTML Archive activities.

  • @tamworthheat Thanks! I can assure you we were wearing both types of pants during the hangout. My huge mug is full of coffee, but next time I think it might be beer. I'm glad you enjoyed the hangout.

  •   @Mark Ok my thing is the focus of Andromo is to get better and gain more customers. Almost every activity  or feature asked for there is a reason you or Lorne give as to why you guys don't implement it.  The only thing that separates Andromo and the competiton is the price which Andromo murders the competition in that area , its not even close as Andromo price is way better than anything out there only phonegap is close.
       So why is it that Andromo isn't gaining a huge amount of customers and less people asking questions every hangout?? Because most of the answers given is we are thinking about it or we can't do it. Now look from the perspective of the customer , would you even try a product after seeing a hangout where most of the answers are we can't do this.
      I am actually trying to help you guys out.  But if we can't get features like drop down menu's , calender , subpages or folders then we got to make it ourselves or leave and find a service that can.  Ok HTML isn't a focal point but needs to get attention if you want more customers. How many wallpaper,website,RSS feeds,PDF, and ringtone apps are we going to make?

    @tamworthheat No HTML isnt not that easy as just googling it up Haha I wish. A lot of the things people ask for can be done in HTML like the stuff I listed already. Online is a great resource but there is not a lot of step by step tutorials. You know more HTML than me and you know javascript can be tricky unless you are gifted in programming which I am not and most people aren't.HTML can solve most of the request by users here is my point.

    @Andromo in closing I will make it plain and simple. If Andromo doesn't want to focus on HTML a little more , than Andromo needs to focus on making more activities. Stop with the excuses like oh quiz apps don't do well , I can go on googleplay right now and find 100 quiz apps that have over 50,000 downloads. Simple apps like jump game or run game where we just switch or graphics reskin basically. Or calculators that can have different UI and calculate regular stuff and stuff like weight or calories burns depending on exercise that are customizable. Or chat apps that have a chatbox when it goes online that customizeable.

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