subscription cancelation problem

Dear Sir

hi my name is gato

i’m join with andromo about 5 month ago my account  is in professional plan

today i found my account in andromo with yellow message :

You have cancelled your subscription. You will not be able to build after 12/30/2014. 

Please sign up for a new plan!

so far i did not cancel my professional plan account

can i get back my full professional plan account ?

could You please help me to rtreive my plan

why this is happen ?




  • Hi Gato,

    What you should do is submit your question to our support section located at:

  • Gato
    This happened to me when I deleted an old (inactive) paypal monthly payment - the message was auto sent to andromo and suddenly andromo thought I had cancelled.   I emailed the help people and it was sorted
  • As I know, the subscription is annual and if credit card or PayPal not in proper such things happen.
    I had this after I layoff last year forgot to subscribe.
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