Samsung Apps - Application submission policy changes

Just got this in the mail, some interesting changes coming down the pipe from Samsung. What does the community think?

Dear Sellers,

Thank you for using Samsung Apps Seller Office.

This is to inform you that Seller Office's app submission policy will be changed from July 1, 2014. the changes are listed below.

1. When submitting new app in Seller Office, you are required to submit app that was developed using Samsung SDK.
※ Samsung SDKs are the tools that help sellers to make apps using Samsung device-specialized functions such as S Pen, Finger Print, Gesture, Motion and more. Please visit SAMSUNG DEVELOPERS ( to download Samsung SDKs and obtain additional information.
※ In case of existing apps registered in Seller Office, the apps can be updated without using Samsung SDK.

2. Samsung Seller membership will be terminated for those who registered before February 20, 2014 (GMT +09:00), but have not submitted any apps to Samsung Apps Seller Office. (Membership termination date : June 30, 2014)

Please refer to the below Q&A for more information or contact our Customer Support team (

Q 1 : If I submit app before July 1, 2014, should my app use Samsung SDK?
A 1 : No, the new policy will be effective from July 1, 2014.

Q 2 : Is it impossible to submit apps without using Samsung SDK from July 1?
A 2 : No, but you must use Samsung SDK to submit apps. however, Sellers who have separate contract or partnership with Samsung can submit apps without using Samsung SDK. if you have any question on contract or partnership, please contact our Customer Support team (

Q 3 : If my membership is terminated, how can I obtain membership again?
A 3 : You can re-register and obtain a new membership after 72 hours from the most recent membership termination.


  • This means Andromo Apps are not going to work anymore?

  • edited May 2014
    @jaimefuentes It means that Andromo apps will no longer be accepted into the Samsung Appstore, unless we update Andromo before July 1st to include the Samsung SDK. 

    Maybe an option to target the Samsung App store in the same way we allow you to target the Amazon Appstore.
  • mark i recommend you do that because samsung appstore is one of the most effective appstores  in apps downloads sometimes even more than Google play.
  • @mark: Thanks for opening this thread already.

    Implementing Samsung's SDK would be very welcomed because:
    1) Samsung Appstore is complementary to GP (it provides anywhere from 20% to 80% of GP's volume for my apps).
    2) Is the only real alternative to GP. Relying exclusively GP is very risky.
    3) In my experience, some of the paid apps sell on Samsung Appstore even better than on Amazon Appstore.

    Please consider adding Samsung's SDK to Andromo - it would be a great addition to all of us and a competitive advantage for you guys.
  • Samsung Appstore is massive for my apps.  Would be great to be able to target Samsung in the same way as Amazon/GP.   Would this also be a good time to integrate Samsung ads - I'd love it!
  • does anyone recently having issue submitting to samsung due to this policy changes?
    I made one account in samsung shop but never submitted one since then
  • @irfanarghi The policy does not come into effect until July 1st.
  • @mark
    Adding Samsung's new SDK would be very important for me!
    Samsung provides for some of my apps an even better volume than GP does.
    Thanks in advance!
  • Samsung is definitely one of the most significant app stores after GP,not to mention its also much safer than GP.. lot of us have significant amount of revenue generating from Samsung app store, especially after GP kicked a lot of us out. In my opinion,including the Samsung sdk is not an option, andromo must do it before the deadline.
  • @mark ;
    I too am among those who have majority of their apps on samsung . can you plz confirm that andromo will be including the samsung sdk in their apps. i hope that it will be done before July 1st.
  • Yes, it's currently being worked on.
  • @darryl: that's great news, thanks.
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