Takeaways from AnDevCon

I attended AnDevCon in Boston last week, which was a conference for Android developers. Here are the things that may be of interest for Andromo users:

- Blackberry has new tools available for wrapping your APK and creating a BAR file for use on the new Blackberry devices. (They even had a promotion for those attending the conference where they will be sending out free Z10 phones for those of us that submitted apps to Blackberry World, so now I will have a real Blackberry device to test on.) So if, like me, you tried submitting your app last year and ran into roadblocks, you might want to give them another try.

- Intel was doing a big push for compiling your app to run not only on the Atom (mobile) processors, but also their Core (desktop) processors. One of their partners is about to release a version of Android that will run on a PC instead of Windows! The demo they showed looked very good. Perhaps Andromo could give us the option to compile for Intel in the near future? (Hint, hint...)

- Amazon was there in force. They were very happy to answer my questions and talk to me about my experiences with their appstore. Their ad network apparently works internationally now. I talked to them about Fire TV, and how much an Android app needs to be changed to work well with it, and it sounds like it's mostly a matter of using font sizes and images that look good on today's TV screens. I believe I saw that Andromo is already looking into this, and it sounds like another exciting opportunity!

- Millennial Media had a nice booth there. I told them about my experience with other ad services, and that Admob is the only one that's really worked for me. They pointed out that you can use their ads with Admob if I want to give them a try, but I wasn't clear whether you can just add them as another network within your Admob settings or if it takes programming.

- Dolby was there offering to give away Kindle Fire HDX tablets to the first 10 developers to include their SDK in an app for the Amazon appstore. Apparently the new Kindle Fire tablets have hardware from Dolby that sounds really, really, good, and all you have to do is include the SDK and turn it on. The Dolby guy I talked to said even mono podcasts would sound better (hint, hint... ;) ).

- For those that like trying different ad networks, there were flyers floating around from www.aerserv.com, but since I didn't see an actual physical presence, I'm not sure where they came from, or whether they're any good.

- Nokia has just introduced an Android phone in countries outside of North America, and they have their own app store. They have a developer site at dvlup.com.


  • Sounds very interesting. In what capacity did you attend the conference and did you go to (or were these) any of the technical talks?

    Overall what was your biggest take-away from the event?

    And just a quick FYI you can combine Millennial Media ads with your AdMob ads in Andromo now and the ad impressions will be shared 50/50 between the two units, but we don't yet support AdMob mediation which I think they might have been describing.

    Thanks for sharing.
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    I went to the conference as a developer. The company I work for (where I've been doing other types of programming for over a decade) now has me working on an Android app, and I was lucky enough to have them foot the bill. I got a lot out of the technical sessions, but most of the items above were gleaned from the exhibit hall, and I didn't think most Andromo users would be interested in things like bitmap recycling and adaptive memory allocation. ;)

    I didn't realize Millennial Media ads had already been added to Andromo, but I think you're right that they were talking about Admob mediation.

    It's hard to say what the biggest take-away was for me. As someone that's been doing Android development from scratch for just a few months, I really learned a lot. Probably the most informative classes for me were about getting around memory issues (since Dalvik's GC kind of sucks), robust network communications and testing their performance (two different classes), and what the top 50 apps do with in-app purchasing (put on by Amazon).

    By the way, I told a guy that was just getting started with Android about the apps I have made with Andromo, and gave him the URL to your site. He seemed very interested. I almost think you guys might have benefited from doing a booth in the exhibit hall.
  • @tholyoak: Thanks for taking the time and write this down. Interesting stuff.
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    @tholyoak - Thanks for mentioning AerServ. Yes, we were in attendance at the conference, I wish we could have met up. AerServ is a robust mediation platform allowing publishers to plug into over 45+ ad networks with 1 single SDK and interface. We specialize in video ads but offer traditional ad units as well: static interstitial, banner etc. Our video ads yield CPMs ranging from $5-12. 

    If you're a publisher looking to monetize with all your favorite ad networks while maximizing revenuand performance come check us out! www.aerserv.com

    We also offer monetization solutions for kid's apps apps unlike some other platforms. If you have any questions feel free to ping or email me: Philip@aerserv.com|Philiptse85

  • @devo1985      

    Thanks aerserv, I am looking for this kind of adserver. But can you kindly inform me , what is pricing model.

    Depending on a single source of advertiser ( for ex admob) not a good idea. I want to make all possibilities open.
    Recently my admob disabled 1 apps adserving due to violation related to modified ads  (not know what is that)  . and as a result I am losing 100,000 impressions daily.

    it would be great if andromo adds  an Ad server in their ads list , so that we can change instantly our advertiser or take benefit from RTB (real time bidding features) 

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    Thanks for your info. There is no cost to use our mediation platform. For all impressions filled by your existing ad networks - you keep all the money! Should AerMarket (Aerserv's demand) fill any impressions we work off a 70/30 revenue share. 

    We also offer net 45 payment, which is quicker than other mediation platforms such as Admarvel and MoPub. 

    We'd love to be one of Andromo's monetization partners as we offer innovative ad units such as video which their current providers do not. If you'd like us to be on the platform can you kindly spread the word and ping Mark :)

    As a andromo subscriber myself I really love the platform but wish there were more options in terms of ad partners. 

    If anyone has questions about AerServ or our mediation platform please ping or email me!

    Philip@aerserv.com| Philiptse85



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