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Admob has a new adk and Google play will require it by August 2014. will this be supported here. Apps that I recently updated are also showing as needing the new adk


  • Admob is always up to date here so there should be no worry.
  • I have the same question as @wizardny
    In yesterdays email "【Action Required】AdMob SDK upgrade" admob included "examples of Apps not giving Device Identifier". I had three apps listed, one of those has been updated only last week 05/29, the others in January and March.

    @mark ... can you please let us know since when (exact date) the new Admob SDK has been included?
  • @sylviathewitch Are these older apps or newer apps? Is there a chance that there are still older outstanding versions that used the old version of AdMob not sending the Device Identifier?

    What about the AdMob Id's that you are using? Are they old AdMob version id's or new AdMob ids?

    I have not received an email from AdMob myself so I will know more once someone in the office gets am email and we can narror down more about what is happening.  We have updated AdMob since they introduced the device ID so everything should be compliant.

    Did they provide any links to documentation in the email?

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    App was created 11/06 2013
    Last update 05/29 2014
    New admob IDs

    I am going to send you a private support tkt with a list of the projects they send me.

    Many Thanks!
  • Only one of my apps was listed under "not giving Device Identifier" and it is a custom app. All Andromo apps build after February (or when Andromo included the latest SDK) should be fine.

    Nevertheless, I'll check each of my apps after August 1 to see if the ads are being shown.
  • Just as far as the date since you asked, we migrated to using the Google Play services library for AdMob in Andromo version v3.3.0 on January 21, 2014.

    Hopefully with a little more data from users we'll be able to narrow down a pattern to the issue. There was another user in support saying he/she had their app(s) flagged. As Mark said, we haven't received the notification yet or information in our accounts, so they're probably rolling out the information regionally.
  • @darryl: Thanks, I wasn't sure about the date.
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