Open website in external browser - any disclaimers needed?

Hey guys, I have a link in my app to an external website (affiliate link for a CB product), and I wonder, if this is something that would need a disclaimer pop-up? That website doesn't collect any personal info, unless the visitor decides to buy the product. Your thoughts on this?



  • This should be covered in your basic privacy policy. ie: "This App links to external websites which may use cookies.  Cookies are controlled from your browser settings."  I do not exclaim privacy notices in my app - just the privacy notice that's linked from GP page.  No need for a pop-up.  In fact, all privacy related notices are not in my apps - just on my privacy page for that app with a link from GP :)
  • Useful info, thanks, I appreciate it.
  • Hi

    I don't know if this is the case but you might want to check this policy guideline regarding external website.

    thought, the one that prohibited is the app whose primary function is to drive affiliate traffic to a website

    hope it helps!
  • Hi, thanks, I've read this. The app is full of it's own content, so it should not be a problem.
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