Andromo App Maker for Android v4.0.5 Released

Andromo App Maker for Android version v4.0.5 has been released.

Here is the list of changes in this version:
  • Fixed an error in 4.0.4 (released 1.5 hours ago) where AdMob banner ids were not being expanded properly. If you built your app using 4.0.4 and use AdMob banners please build again using 4.0.5. The version of your app can be found on the About dialog.
Andromo App Maker for Android v4.0.5 is now live at


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    Hi Mark, really a nice update but, if you touch the share-symbol on the upper right hand corner, the expanding-dialog "see all" appears still in english. It should be "alle Anzeigen". It's a tiny little thing, easy to oversee I think.

    More important, some of your german translation are kind of strange. Example:

    "about" is translated as "Über" which, as a single word means "above" or "over" - It should be "Über diese App" or better "Info"

    "Mitteilungslicht aktivieren" should be: "LED beim Empfang von Nachrichten aktivieren"

    "An (anonyme Nutzungsdaten können gesendet werden)" should be:

    "Nutzungsdaten können anonymisiert gesendet werden"

    That's it, so far.



    Sorry to have to point to the dialog "about" again: "Copyright" is translated as "Urheberrecht"  It should remain "Copyright" in english as it is a common term throughout almost all european languages. It is correct translated as a  single word but, it is that way almost exclusively used in court...So that's a bit silly ;)

  • @jankb Thanks for the information. We have fixes the "See All" text in the latest version. Thanks for the information on the translation, we got it done by a professional and we'll see if we can't mention your changes to them.

  • anytime! Thanks for your reply! 
  • Hi Mark,

    sorry to torment you with the translation (german): there're still these silly translations "Urheberrecht" and "über", which should really be changed into "info" and "Copyright" soon.
    I received several comments from customers and users regarding that issue. As I cannot change those things myself I depend on you to fix that. Thank's in advance!
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