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So Amazon officially announced their Fire phone yesterday which I'm sure many of you already heard about, but I just wanted to pass on the information that if you get you apps approved an in the app store by July 18th, they will make it into the Amazon App Store when the Fire phone ships, which might be a good opportunity for Andromo developers, especially if you manage to get featured:

With Fire, Amazon’s all-new Android-based smartphone, you can reimagine your app and delight your customers through new groundbreaking experiences. Fire apps can take advantage of the new Dynamic Perspective and Firefly SDKs - two new breakthrough technologies that allow customers to see and interact with the world through a whole new lens. You can also easily integrate existing Amazon APIs, including In-App Purchasing, Mobile Ads, and Mobile Associates. Apps and games submitted and approved by July 18 will be in the Amazon Appstore when Fire ships on July 25.

If you have existing Android or HTML5 apps, you can easily and quickly get your app up on Fire phone. Most Android phone apps will already work on Fire. To determine your app’s compatibility, simply submit your app using our updated testing service and get compatibility test results within 90 seconds. If you register for a free developer account, you can also use the testing service to test your app’s look and feel and get the results in less than 6 hours.

Amazon already had an article up about the new Fire phone which you might want to read: Fire phone

They also have their testing service updated to support the new phone, so you can test your app to make sure that it's compatible. I've just tested one of my Andromo apps and it passed their test with flying colours.



  • Great news!
  • I guess if we want our apps to be available on Amazon Fire Phone, we need to rebuild them, right?
  • @hendrixs You don't have to rebuild your apps, the old version that targets Amazon should be fine. I'm not sure if you have to upload a new version or not to check the "File Phone" target though, I'm looking into that.
  • @mark: That's what I had in mind, yes. I've tried to edit the "Device Support" under "Binary Files" tab, but you can't change the supported devices. So I guess we need to click on the "Add Upcoming Version" and upload the updated APK. In this case, the Amazon Fire Phone is automatically checked as supported.
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    They're also doing a promotion where new apps targeted for the Fire Phone will get $6 CPM on interstitial ads in August and September. One requirement is that you use the latest version of the Amazon Ads SDK. I know the latest Admob and MMedia SDKs were just put in, but is the latest Amazon SDK available in Andromo?
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    @tholyoak: Yep, the Amazon SDK was updated to version 5.3.22 in Andromo 4.0.4.
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    can also easily integrate existing Amazon APIs, including In-App - See
    more at:

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    Mark wrote above:   " you can easily integrate existing Amazon API's ..... "  

    But we can't currently do this in Andromo - right ?   Or am I missing something here ?

    Question:  when will we get the ability to integrate Amazon's API into our Andromo apps ?   This will allow us to set up Amazon stores in our apps.   I am desperately awaiting this b/c it opens up massive monetization potential for affiliate revenue.   Think about it:  an Amazon store in an Amazon sanctioned phone !!!!

    ( I tried to add links to a custom page but Amazon prohibits affilate links in mobile through any non-API avenue.   In short, we need the API.  )

  • Hey,

    recently one of my apps got enlisted into amazon developer select. anyone has any idea about this? I assume this is related with amazon fire phone but I'm not really sure what's the deal with it :/


    For meeting the basic Developer Select criteria, your app has earned:
    • 500k free impressions through our mobile ad network (View Your Mobile Ad Campaign)
    • Premium placement within the store
    • Coins rewards for customers who purchase your app or in-app item.
    • Credit towards AWS services
  • Congrats! Amazon Dev Select is a huge thing, especially if your app is paid. It's not related to Amazon Fire Phone - it just means, that your app passed their quality checks and now you'll be rewarded with stuff they wrote about.
  • Most Andromo apps are eligible for Dev select, especially if you were careful with your screenshots. Bad or low quality screenshots will not allow you to be eligible for it.
  • Amazon API
    @Lorne, @Mark:  can either of you please tell me whether the API can currently be integrated into Andromo - & how to do it.

    Thanks AM
  • @amsinco
    No, you can't use any of their other APIs other than mobile ads.
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