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Hi, I am working on an app which has some radio links and many podcast links, more than 15.
I do not want to add them all in dashboard. Plus, when I try to link to the website they are located in, the podcast player does not load for android browsers firefox and opera I tried.

Any idea which could be handy for me? If only we could have many activities inside one dashboard activity...


  • For the radio links, you can use a playlist file (hosted on the web somewhere) that links to all the streams you want. Then you can have them all listed inside a single Radio activity.

    You could do something similar with the Podcast activity, but you'd need to create your own feed that aggregates the content of the separate podcast feeds together.
  • Thanks Lorne

    Do you have some advice on how I could do both of these? For now I got 1 .pls file for each station and I do not know how I could add them together somehow.

    The podcast activity which aggregates all feeds together would be most useful if you could provide further aid.
  • EDIT: I figured out the pls one.
    I need some help with the podcasts grouping only now. :)
  • Unfortunately I don't know of any XML feed aggregating'll need to find one or build your own aggregator for the feeds you want. Keep in mind that the result might not be exactly what you're looking for, since it would mean that the episodes from all the feeds would be jumbled together in a single list. If it were me I'd just use separate Podcast activities for the podcasts.
  • I see... well that's a problem because there is more than 15 podcast links.
    Honestly we are all trying to bypass things or we totally fail to make things we really wanna make because you cannot seem to find a way to add either the option to make activities invisible at dashboard or allow activities inside activities.

    It is a bit disappointing because we resort to ugly methods -.- oh well, I trust you guys and think eventually you will manage to have something which would make our lives easier and our apps better.

    Thanks much for your help!
  • Seems when built in an app the pls which "houses" many streams does not work OK. None of the streams play.
    I will have to check it a bit further later on.
  • @anteos if the streams work in Andromo individually, then it's likely the pls format is incorrect. You can open a support ticket if you'd like to send me a link to the playlist file privately and I'll examine it for you.

  • Thanks @lorne, I just created a support ticket.
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