[App]NewsAce Video News Reader(RSS) v.1.1.0

Hi there! I just wanted to share an application that I found in the Android Market and this one is very nice and comes with a great user interface, it is called the NewsAce Video News Reader, it comes with 400+ High quality renowned news channel, select and drag videos to your account from Google Reader news feeds, with Gesture Navigation features that you can easily swipe from left to right and easily switch from recommended videos to your selected news feeds and one of the best feature of NewsAce is the Daily Prophet: like in the Harry Potter film video directly plays within the newspaper and I love it reading and watching the video plays at the same time and I would recommend this application to those who are news enthusiast and to all podcaster. Just give it a try.

Market Link: https://market.android.com/details?id=com.tecace.newsace
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