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this days admob is going very very slow no much revenue , 
so can any one suggest any other better place to earn  more revenues ?


  • You can try Millennial, but dont be surprised if you see it generates like 1/20th of what Admob generates.
    I think better focus on reaching more audience.
  • Dunno what's going on, but this is happening with me:
  • It would be great if you could actually see what the ads were for, that were getting you most clicks. That way it would be easier to see if a certain advertisers campaign has come to an end or at least your allocation of those ad slots. I'm not sure if this possible tho. I get the same ads showing time and again in my apps and notice a drop off when they end. But if your app is good for certain type of ad your revenue will be up again real soon.
  • It's an issue now resolved.

    For the past 4 days I had no revenue showing. Now it's showing them - sometimes this happens with admob I've seen it at least 3 times.
  • Admob is still slow anybody got to normal earningss?
  • Hi, i builded an app, its had up to 600 download and 67 click but still revenue are  = 0. somebody help me

  • Amansapps, have you tried Leadbolt?
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