Newb Q. Andromo apps on Tablets?

I see the apps made for phones, but can the same Andromo-created apps work on tablets? Nexus 7? etc.
only see phones being displayed. 

What is the process?



  • Yes, Andromo apps will work on any device screen size (except for maybe tiny ones). There are are few screenshots sprinkled around in the documentation of tablets, for example, the second image in the following article is a Nexus 7:
  • This is great news. And I have a nexus 7 ordered!

    So, I"m assuming photo, backgrounds, etc. must be at a size that the tablet will
    display without pixeling? Also, I'm going to guess that the sizes will be indicated
    as one adds features....or maybe in the support documents? I know that apple apps
    are specific for these items.

    darryl, thanks again for your help.
  • Hi,
    as long as you upload proper image resolution, i don't think there will be any problem with pixelate graphic on tablet :)
  • Each image upload will contain recommended or max image size/dimensions, so for the best quality, you'll want to lean towards the higher resolution end of the max scale. However pixelation isn't too noticeable even with lower quality images (within reason).
  • irfanarghi,
    I understand, but trying to define "proper". If it's in the features as you build your app,
    then the larger image might be the best the case of a, Nexus 7, for example.
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