admob clicking your own ads

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hello friends!

I'm new app developer and I just finished my first app. After putting ads on it I figured I will click on a few ads to see how much money I will earn for each click. Then saw online a few people that their account got blocked because they were clicking their own ads. How do google / admob know if I am the one who clicked the ad and not just a random user?


  • Don't do that, ever. There is a thread about this on the forum. It's super easy to know for Google if you click your own ads. There are many ways for them to identify you.
  • Google can even find out if you ask your friends to click on your ads. Don't ask me how. But I am paranoid on such, to the point that I do not even allow my friends to try my apps. It can be disastrous.
  • I knew a guy who was in a lage "ad click exchange network" and Google busted them. I've met him on some forum, he was bragging how he's making a lot of money (he even sent me some screenshots), and then it all ended. But he was fair enough to admit what happened - I didn't know that up until then.
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