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I received a pop-up on wanting me to confirm what type of user I was on Samsung for their new (today, July 1st) Galaxy store.  With that said, I haven't chosen an option yet and am wondering what the community is thinking?  We can choose Partner, Developer or General as an account type.  Developer requires apps to be submitted with the Samsung SDK which I am assuming is done by choosing "Samsung" as the target market in Andromo while publishing?  Anyone able to confirm this?


  • I chose Developer but I can't submit a new app yet since they have some issues with the new interface,I think.
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    Yes, you should choose "Developer" for your Samsung account, and choose "Samsung Apps: Android Galaxy devices" for the Target Market in Andromo which will include the Samsung SDK.
  • I have had a number of apps with Samsung for quite a while so they recently sent me an email saying that I was considered a partner. It appears that the difference between a partner account and a developer account is that you are not restricted to using their sdk if you are a partner.

    I've not updated or submitted any apps recently so can't say if this offers any practical advantages.

    This is the content of the email.

    Thank you for using Samsung Apps Seller Office.

    On July 1st 2014, Samsung Apps will only be accepting apps from Partners and apps with Samsung SDKs.
    This is to inform you that you have been pre-defined as a 'Partner' of Samsung Apps based on your past app registration and partnership. You can register apps without any limitations where we look forward to your next app registration.
  • I already checked myself as Developer. Is there are a way to change my status to Partner?

    I'm having a lot of issues with logging in to Samsung's Seller Office - I always get requests to change my password, but when I try to, I can't, because the system says that passwords don't match. Then I click on the "Seller Office" text icon and voila, I'm in the system. But when I click on "Profile", it requires the password again, and I'm stuck.
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    Look's like i did not yet experience this issue and glad that i seen it cause it is possible that in encounter too cause i am also using samsung and some of my co worker
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