Looking for GOOD ads network(s) to implement in HTML activities

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Hi guys,

I have some apps which are almost solely HTML based. I do not want to use Admob on them, I have added them in MobPartner and mMedia but I am having second thoughts now. So before actually launching an update with Mobpartner and mMedia, I thought I will ask here.

For those of you who try ad networks which Andromo does not offer: which ones give some decent performance and are easy to implement in HTML activities? Could you share some revenue examples and maybe any other advice? I would be more interested in Paypal paying companies but bank is OK too.


  • Have you tried AdSense from Google (it comes with your AdMob account).  It works brilliantly on your website and is well worth a try.  They are both Google but work as different,  the ads you get with Adsense on your website are different to the ones shown in your App with Admob.  Unless the HTML/Website is not owned by you then you shouldn't show ads anyway...
  • Nah, it is HTML content created by me though. More like apps with up to 6-7 levels of depth with really much wealth of content. But I would prefer not to use a Google product on them.
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