Now that I have some great Android apps - what to do about making ios/apple apps?

Andromo has been great for helping me make android apps, and I now want to branch out and make some apps for the iphone and ipad. 

Is there any way to convert the apps I made here to ios native apps? 

Anyone know any other similar site/company with a user friendly app maker for ios?

I looked at sites like and but their costs are crazy high - I have about 10 simple apps, and they don't pull in a ton of money, but enough that I'd like to get them into the apple app market. Any suggestions?



  • Hi Tara,

    I don't think there is any way to convert a native Android app to an iOS app, so that won't be an option for you. To make iPhone apps you will need to find a different app maker that targets iOS, or program something from scratch yourself.
  • I'd pay another 50% on top of my subscription if Andromo could let us pick our target Android or IOS. Call it Applomo or something :)
  • LOL - me too and for any solution to upgrade the app to Nokia X or WP8.1 because despite Microsoft & Nokia inviting me via general email that my app is compatible with the X2 app store after a simple modification, i cannot find anyway to do this as coding isnt my thing - hence using Andromo' wonderful system. even when i drop my APK into the checking system if gives an error....

    So yes please you gods at Andromo another system to build for other platforms the Andromo way would make me feel i could rule the world!!

    :) Pen
  • Android is a different beast to ios and others.  The reason Andromo is so good is it concentrates on android.  You can find other websites that let you convert between different os's but they're just not as good, for this reason.
  • So if I don't have a Mac (win 7) and most of my app is content with html+js and no native coding, what's the best way to get that published as an app in the Apple store?
  • It's all about trying things out, I started with searching google for "Create HTML5 apps for ios" and see what comes up - I have wasted a lot of time doing this though!  But different people, different experiences I suppose...  There's not one that I would recommend over any other because I just haven't been impressed with whats out there.
  • Ok was hoping for a recommendation instead of wasting time :) thanks anyway. Is there an "Andromo" for IOS?
  • Maybe PhoneGap would be a good solution for you?
  • I'll check it out thanks!
  • No problem. It's probably your best bet, but you need to be knowledgeable in HTML5/CSS/jQuery.

    Also, before putting in too much work, make sure that the type of apps you are making are suitable for Apple Store. Apps with little activities or website type of apps do not get accepted on Apple. However, HTML5 let's you do lots of stuff, and PhoneGap enables you many "native" functions, so knowledge/creativity is a bigger hurdle than the technology at your disposal.
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