Question about rss feeds

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Hi, I have a question, I am starting to use feeds ( something new to me) but I just saw that it could be a problem to use admob ads if the web content shows adsense ads? I checked out and it seems there is no ads on the feed opened on the app but if the user click on the original article it drives him to a web page andit does have ads on it? Is there any problem with admob? is there any violation using admob ads on rss feed? Thanks in advance


  • In my apps, I have RSS feeds with ads.
    Ads are shown on the list of feeds page, I also chose to 'Show RSS item content' in Andromo and ads show here also (after clicking on a feed).  But when the 'Go to Original Article' button is clicked, the ads do Not show over the webpage.  So this is all good.  But I have noticed that if I choose 'Open destination link in App' then the ads do show over web content (not good).   Hope this helps :-)
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