MobPartner Issues

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Hello people,

I had joined MobPartner many months ago and added 3-4 apps in their console. It was my first attempt with them, the days when I had first start using Andromo. The apps were not approved so I ignored them totally.
10 days ago, I added 5 apps in MobPartner, because I was more like forced to - I did not want AdMob, so had to use millennial and MobPartner..
Few days later, MobPartner accepted my 5 apps AND 2 of the previously refused ones. So far so good - I added MP in the 5 apps and moved on with update+ submission in markets.

2 days ago, I received e-mail form MP that my account is going to be deleted because I have not generated any transaction in 6 months. Of course, it makes perfect sense - no apps of mine were approved so I couldn't have any transaction. I emailed them that my 5 apps which got accepted are barely 2 days online, but have received no reply still. In the meanwhile, their console shows me zero earnings and close to zero impressions.

Something is weird with MobPartner. I have not heard a single good word in the forums about them so it seems more like an obsolete Andromo choice.
Is anyone using MP with any levels of success these days?
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