How can I get a 7" and 10" tablet screenshot?

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I don't have these devices but would like the screenshots added to my Google Play listing. Any suggestions?


  • Download on your desktop PC the software called Genymotion - it is an emulator of Android devices. You will need an account at their site. When Genymotion is installed (along with virtualbox, a required software for virtual machines), you will check their list of devices and download a large tablet device, for example a samsung with more than 1280x800 resolution.
    Once you got the device, you will run it, load your apps in it and take your screenshots. The shots you will take are OK for both 7' and 10'.
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    Search for someone to do it for you for cheap.  I'm on Fiverr and I do screenshots but only with my Nexus 5 (1080 x 1920px) and Samsung 10.1" Tablet (1280 x 800px).

    I'm sure there'll be someone on there that can do both 7" and 10" screenshots though, try it out.

    Just to be cheeky, here's my gig on Fiver:


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    I got a 10" (that's what she said :) ) from a friend already and will try the geny thing - thanks for the tip. In future I'll def. make use of your fiverr gig as it would save me time. Tx again.
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    Genymotion is a nifty emulator that can help you play with different devices to test your app, but taking a screenshot is only a feature in a paid version and 99 euro is too much for what I need, so I'll look elsewhere - find a friend with a tablet or fiverr. Another option is to use eclipse and take the shot with a desktop app like snagit. You can do this with genymotion too of course, but genymotion inserts a "free for personal use" watermark on the device image.
  • Don't worry on that. Their older version 1.3.0 has no watermarks at screenshots.
    It does not cause any problems so far, except a small box which says you might encounter problems because you are using an older version with newer devices.

    If you cannot find it anywhere, I got no problem to load it in Google Drive and link you to it.
  • You are welcome.
  • I tried Genymotion and it was effective.
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