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Hi, I am a fairly new user and think Andromo is fantastic as it has allowed me to begin to bring my range of products to the app stores.

My question is related to video footage in app. My apps provide a full race night fund raising product and includes 10 races. The overall size of all the races combined is a maximum of 150mb. Now at the moment i have been providing a hidden link to the races on my server using but they have gone down rendering all my apps useless (so i have had to temporary remove them from the store).

I dont want to use youtube as the quality when i upload is degraded so at the moment i have to link to my races directly. At the moment to get my apps back online i have using to create a short link - however this link shows the full URL of my races. A worry as i dont then have any security over my races?

Have i missed something in the app creation where i can securely add my video other than youtube?

Any emergency assistance would be very greatly appreciated.

Kindest Regards


  • May be you could use custom html or html archive activity and embed your videos inside the html but store your vids on your website?
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